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Throughout the year we sell a selection of hand tied bouquets and posies for any occasion. All our bouquets are unique, reflecting what's in season and all the flowers we use are cultivated on our farm. We produce our own fertilisers, mulch and all flowers are cut to order. Consquently our bouquets tend to last longer than 'shop' bought flowers. Buying local, seasonal flowers grown sustainably is what we're about.  

We have ensured the flowers we grow offer the maximum attraction to bees, and other insects.

Water conservation. By choosing to grow flowers that are suited to the environment on our farm we minimise the need for watering. Soon all water used will be a combination of rainwater and grey water.

We also produce a range of items available from our farm shop, these include pickles, willow structure kits, and Christmas decorations such as wreaths. 

Complementing our cut flowers, 'The English Cake Company' offers a wide range of cupcakes, traybakes and sandwich cakes to order for any occasion or celebration. Afternoon Teas are also available by reservation throughout the year. 


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 Our Products 

Ferme de Banoville, we produce unique handcrafted cards using dried flowers


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